Why should you visit Brazil?


The fifth-largest country in the world, Brazil is also a new economic power. But it is primarily a country full of contrasts, and as one could often read it, of excess. We can already verify this by visiting the capital Brasília and its inspired design, or the many natural sites that Brazil offers: the Iguaçu Falls, the Amazon rainforest, and the river that waters it, the Amazon. The large cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo where life never seems to stop. Brazil is also often associated with parties and football, including carnivals, including Salvador.


What to visit in Brazil?

When you introduce Brazil, you often stop at the most tourist sites and the flagship cities. Yet this giant country has many other faces to show you in sometimes remote areas.

You will be surprised by the country, different from what you have seen and heard on television or read in magazines. Skip the road, book your plane tickets to Brazil, and discover another culture, meet friendly people, and visit dream landscapes. You will not be disappointed with the trip!


Rio de Janeiro: The “Maravilhosa Cidade” is even more beautiful than you can imagine. A beautiful setting in which the city of Rio blends perfectly: the mythical beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf), the Corcovado mountain with the Christ the Redeemer at the top watching for Guanabara Bay. Take a tour of the Rio Botanical Garden from which you can access the Tijuca Forest. See also the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the lagoon south of the city.

After visiting all these essential sites, do not forget to go and drink one or two Caïpirinha and go out to enjoy the nightlife to meet the Cariñas (inhabitants of Rio).

For lovers of football, the Maracanã is open to visits, and for those who wish to celebrate the carnival of Rio, it takes place mid-February.


São Paulo: Third world city in population, the sprawling city of São Paulo appears frightening at first sight. Noisy, polluted, streets drowned by the crowd, it is indeed tricky to navigate. Take the time to discover the economic capital of Brazil, which presents many curiosities and surprises. First, you will be amazed by its cuisine with Japanese, Lebanese, and Italian influences. The city is also dotted with works of art with creative designs, and museums, which also makes it the cultural capital of the country. It is the ideal place for shopping. Take a deep breath at Parque Ibirapuera in the city center.


Brasília: Built at the end of the 1950s, Brazil's capital, Brasília, fell victim to the madness of men, so to speak, judging by its geographical position and architectural style: far from it all, the city is a work of art, slightly futuristic for the time of its construction. The town is worth a visit.


Salvador de Bahia: The city of Salvador is culturally and originally a mix of people. The former first capital of Brazil is famous for its carnival and also its old center Pelourinho where it is recommended to go there on Tuesdays for its local festival. Add to that an extraordinary coastline, and you are in one of the most beautiful Brazilian cities. It is the perfect starting point to visit the village of Praia do Forte or the Tinharé archipelago mentioned above. Complete your road map with a night or two in the resort of Costa do Sauipe.


Fortaleza: Very is touristy, but not very cultural. Fortaleza is exceptionally pleasant for its sun all the year round (although it sets very early every day: 17h), and its beaches like that of Praia da Iracema (where you can taste there shrimp) or further, Praia do Futuro. Instead, you could arrange several days in Jericoacoara (280km north), Cumbuco (30 minutes), and Morro Branco or Canoa Quebrada (East).


Natal: Created on December 25th, 1599, the name of Natal was, therefore, logical for its founders, the Portuguese. The city has many beaches of all kinds to relax as to practice improbable sports like buggy driving, for example. See the city of Pipa very popular.


Recife: Divided by two rivers, Recife and its old town are full of chapels and churches. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, you will have the choice beach level. Nearby, the village of Olinda, with its small streets, is sumptuous.


Brazilian natural wonders

Between São Paulo and Rio is the mountainous coast of Costa Verde on which you will ride between forest, beaches, and beautiful islands.

To the north of Salvador de Bahia, the Coco Coast stretches for 200km and consists of coconut palms and eucalyptus.


     The Iguazu Falls: These spectacular falls are also places at the border with Argentina and classified as World Heritage by Unesco, the 200 falls are a real natural treasure.

     The Amazon: One of the last wild regions of our planet covers 60% of the Brazilian territory.

     Pantanal: The area of the Pantanal borders with Bolivia and is crossed by numerous rivers, making it the wettest area on earth. Visit this natural park is the opportunity to meet the animals of Brazil as the Jaguar.

     The Island of Tinharé and Boipeba: Located south of Salvador, the Tinharé archipelago certainly has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Other sites and parks to visit:

     The National Park Chapada Diamantina

     The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha off Natal and Fortaleza

     The Bay of Angra dos Reis, south of Rio, and its 365 islands,

     The National Park dos Lençóis Maranhenses


Culture, events, and traditions in Brazil

Brazil is a country of the future, and during the first decade of this millennium, we saw the growth of the Lusophone giant explode. The organization of many sports events such as the 2014 Football World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have only raised the cost of living in this magnificent country.


Brazilians are adorable and hospitable, so you will not have a hard time getting along with them. The language barrier will break quickly enough if you put yours in it. But beware of security, especially in large cities, where recent demonstrations have sometimes been violent.

Moreover, the contrast of richness is sometimes obvious between the populations. It will remind you to leave your papers and personal effects to your hotel when you will go for a walk on the beach or in town.


Plan your holidays in Brazil now 

With culture and tradition, you will not be bored! The nation of football is also that of the party and the carnival. The panel of dances (capoeira, bossa nova, samba ...) is as wide as that of drinks (caipirinha, cachaça, frozen beers, guaranà ...). You will have access to a myriad of passion fruit (açaí, guaraná ...) and typical dishes (feijoada, churrasco, rodizio ...).

Add to this a climate worthy of its reputation and sometimes indescribable landscapes, and you have to check with the best travel agents to book your plane tickets and organize one of the best holidays you can imagine!