Why should you visit Dallas?


As a flagship location in Texas, Dallas is a city of more than 6.5 million people, with just over 1.000 square kilometers. She is very well known to the public for many reasons. It should be noted that it was the location of the television series that became Dallas, but also the city where President Kennedy was assassinated.

It is also an important industrial and financial location in the United States. Here, the economy turns more particularly into oil! It is not surprising to see many skyscrapers rising throughout the city, with a particularly high concentration in the center.


Many tourists visit this city each year, and there are many things to offer. Between its skyscrapers, its green spaces and its historic districts, you will have enough to fill your schedule of visits!

To help you planning your stay in the beautiful city of Dallas, we have put together a comprehensive travel guide on this Texas gem!


Travel & Visit Dallas

What are the best things to do and see in the one called Big "D" in Texas? Let's take a look at the main places of interest in Dallas, a city that has been growing and growing over the decades.


Things to see and do in Dallas, Texas

o   Bank of America Plaza

o   Reunion Tower

o   Fair Park

o   The Pioneer Plaza

o   Botanical Garden and Dallas Arboretum 

o   Dallas Art Museum 

o   The Texas Fire Department

o   The Women's Museum

o   The Museum of Biblical Art 

o   The City Hall

o   The Dealey Plaza

o   Texas School Book Depository and the Six Floor Museum

o   Union Station

o   The Farmers Market


Tips for discovering Dallas

Tourists are strongly advised to go directly to the tourist office (located at Old Red Courthouse , 100 South Houston Street ) to take a map of the city to better orient themselves in the streets. It should be noted that the rainy season is in the spring and tourist programs can be interrupted or canceled due to storms and long rains. Better to visit Dallas in summer or fall.

For those who really want to get into Texas life in Dallas, take the tram and the bus, it will save you the endless traffic jams. Tickets for these means of transport are sold in kiosks. Finally, for gourmets and coffee lovers, you should know that Dallas is full of tasty little places that compete ingenuity to make attractive promotions. The most interesting are offered on weekends.


More Ideas for Dallas Tours

We often talk about Dallas for its towers, skyscrapers, or for being the location of several series well known to the general public. Nevertheless, this place has many other assets that will make you want to visit this Texas city!


o   Visit a ranch in Texas from Dallas

o   The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

o   The Meadows Museum, a museum of Spanish art

o   The African American Museum

o   Enjoy being in Texas to see Rodeo

o   Attend Dallas Mavericks Basketball Game


For example, you could visit the Dallas World Aquarium and meet dozens of exotic fish species. You could also visit the majestic Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe, the Dallas Heritage Village , or the many museums of all kinds. Finally, do not forget to taste the local cuisine and the best cocktails in Texas.


How to get to Dallas?

Dallas has one of the largest airports in the United States, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. To find the cheapest flight tickets for your Dallas - France flight, you can easily find the Skyscanner flight comparison engine .

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas, and is widely spaced. To visit the best monuments and places in the city, it is important to choose your neighborhood to stay in Dallas . To find a cheap hotel in Dallas, use our search engine for a search engine .


Where to stay in Dallas?

Choosing a home in Dallas is not easy. Indeed, the city has many hotels of all kinds, but also neighborhoods each with their particularities.


Here are some ideas to start your search of the best neighborhoods in Dallas to fit with your needs and expectations. You first have the Downtown , the Dallas business center known for being the site of the assassination of President Kennedy. 

Then, the Uptown is the chic neighborhood where many investors settle. 

And finally, the Deep Ellum , also called Old East Dallas, is a quiet place near downtown, known for its artists and street musicians.

Also note that if you want to enjoy life on site as a local would do it is possible to find bed & breakfast in every corner of the city. Their price is close to that of a mid-range hotel in most cases.


When to go to Dallas

Dallas has a warm temperate climate, but without drought. Winters are the least favorable time to stay in Dallas. They are nevertheless mild and have temperatures between 6 and 15 °C on average during the months of December, January and February. 

The rest of the year, meanwhile, is relatively hotter. The period from May to September includes temperatures ranging from 20 to 35 ° C or more during the two months of summer vacation.

As a result, the best times to travel to Dallas are May, June, and September. You can also consider July and August if you are not afraid of temperatures above 35 °C during the day.


Preparing for a trip is not just about choosing your destination and hotel. It is also planning his budget and travel in the city during visits. As for Dallas, it is important to take at least one map of the city as well as a map and schedule for public transportation.


Need a little help to prepare your trip and your budget? Get I touch with some of the best travel agents in order to help you find the best accommodation according to your needs and in the best neighborhoods! They will give you some useful tips about this amazing Texas city!