Why should you visit Detroit?


Founded in 1701 by the Frenchman Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac, Detroit is a city of more than 4.5 million inhabitants. Known for its great history related to the automotive industry and more particularly to Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors, it attracts en masse car lovers.

But Detroit is so much more! Art museums, old theaters, bars, but also parks or monuments from the roaring twenties, the city will not cease to amaze you. You will find many tours and activities to do throughout your stay, whatever your interests.


To help you prepare for your visit and your holidays to Detroit, we have created this guide for you.


Travel & Visit Detroit

When we talk about the city of Detroit in the United States, we immediately think of cars. And it's true that the city, nicknamed "the Motor City" has always lived through and for cars. Moreover, the auto show that takes place every beginning of the year is the largest and positively the most influential in the world.


To help you plan your stay in Detroit, we have listed tours and places of interest in Detroit.


What are the best things to do and see in "Motor City"?

Can we summarize this city to the automotive world? Contrary to what we hear, Detroit is not a dangerous city. It is an extraordinary city, a destination hugely underestimated, but that promises beautiful surprises, both architecturally and culturally.

While the suburbs of Detroit are very chic, the very heart of the city rivals easily with Chicago, for example, see the number of buildings that mark the golden age of the art deco era.


The advantage of visiting Detroit is that you discover an underrated city that could look like the big New York or San Francisco because of their architecture. To help you visit Detroit, we have listed the best things to do in Detroit!


     The Ford Museum is an emblematic figure of the American automotive culture

     The Fox Theater is the most incredible architectural building in Detroit:

     The architecture of the roaring twenties

     Take a deep breath in Belle Isle Park

     Piquette Avenue and the railway station

     The Macomb neighborhood home to many beaches on Lake St Clair.

     Detroit Science Center

     Discover modern art in the Downtown neighborhood and Art Plaza


Discover the local gastronomy and moreover

Detroit, as we have seen, loves traditional and home-made cuisine, but it is also a city that is home to many cuisines from around the world.

Thus, whatever your budget, you will be able to taste delicious Italian, Brazilian, Texan, and Mexican dishes. Here you can taste some of the best BBQ dishes in the whole region.

You can also taste authenticity in Detroit restaurants and Eastern Market.


More ideas for things to do in Detroit 

There is this dilemma proper to the city, as when you look at the city, you can see many dirty, black buildings, but on the upper floors of the skyscrapers, you can observe the wealth of ornaments and decorations.

Detroit, this city of a thousand contrasts that we love to hate, that we like to criticize and yet where we come back again and again, with the feeling of having missed something the previous time.


Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts, where you will be able to discover not only American but also European collections. It is here that one can admire the beautiful mural frescoes of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera.


Visit the Motown Historical Museum. Perfect for the nostalgic Jackson Five, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, or Four Tops, this is the place to go. A visit is possible in the mythical studios of Hitsville, a pilgrimage that takes you back to the 60s.


And if you like the architecture and buildings of the second half of the 20th century, then you will be served too! The Fix Theater and the Renaissance Center will be two essential sites in Detroit to see during your stay, among others.

Anyway, do not hesitate to go out and visit the city under the eye of a local. You will not regret it, and you will enjoy Detroit!


Where to stay in Detroit?

Detroit is not an idyllic city to travel to but discover the Lake District, and if you are making a road trip in the United States, you can stop there for a day or two. In this case, try to stay central and stay in the CBD.


Detroit is perhaps known for its automotive industry, but it is also a multi-faceted city! For housing, you will be spoiled for choice between modern or historic neighborhoods!

First, Southwest Side is the multicultural sector of the city. You will find a mix of culture that is characteristic of most cities in the United States. You will also enjoy a magnificent view of the lake between this part of the city and Windsor.

On the other hand, Midtown is the cultural center of the city. You can find quiet accommodation in Detroit in this area. Do not forget to take the time to visit Detroit's art museums, its many bars, and the Fisher Building in the area.

Finally, East Side is the place to choose if you want a less industrial place to relax while keeping the atmosphere of Detroit. In the mid of its twentieth-century buildings, you can spend pleasant moments in a historic environment.


When to go to Detroit

Detroit is a city in the northwestern United States, and its location strongly influences its climate. The months of December to March are cold, with average temperatures negative or very close to zero. The months of June to September are warmer, with average temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C. These are the best months to visit Detroit.

Regarding the rain, every month has between 9 and 14 days of rain. Rainfall is between 50 and 70 mm per month, with a peak of 85 to 90 mm between May and July.


Plan your holidays to Detroit now

As with any city in the United States, it is essential to have the correct documents and a Visa when traveling and entering the United States. Contacting some of the best travel agents will help you to plan and organize your holidays.

Besides, you should prepare your visit by taking note of bus or metro schedules, but also acquire a map of the city to understand how to go around the great city of Detroit. You will need to gather some critical information to prepare for your trip.