Why should you visit Miami?


Miami is a fascinating city! No need to present it as its notoriety is immense. It is also a top-rated destination, famous in all corners of the globe!

This Florida city, also known as Magic City, is synonymous with golden beaches, luxury, and good weather all year round. But that's not all since it also represents all the possibilities, a little like Las Vegas!


Are you thinking of discovering Miami and spending your vacation this year? We have gathered all the information and advice on activities, visits, but also housing and life on site.


Travel & Visit Miami

Miami is, in many ways, one of the most attractive cities in the United States. A meeting place for bodybuilders, a hotspot for nightlife, and a cosmopolitan address. Miami is one of those multi-faceted cities that have everything you need to please everyone: from food to pubs to bars and trendy cafes passing by its fine sand and its shops, even in its surrounding landscapes.


To help you organize your holidays in Miami, we have listed tours and places of interest in Miami.


What are the best things to do and see in the "Magic City"? 

An enticing and lively metropolis, you will be lost in Miami among the nostalgic Cubans of Little Havana, maybe meet celebrities, stroll through the neighborhoods with avant-garde decor. Then leave the beaten path and the beautiful cliché of the city: the surroundings of Miami are full of sublime natural sites like the Everglades and the Keys. As you travel to Miami for the first time, or come back for nostalgia, here is a list (not exhaustive) of things to do and see in the nicknamed "Gateway to the Americas."


Discover our selection of essentials:

     Miami Beach

     Miami Beach's Art Deco district

     South Beach at Miami at the southern end of Miami Beach

     The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

     Little Havana to taste the flavor of Cuba

     Downtown: the business district a few blocks from Little Havana

     Wynwood is Miami’s street-art

     District Design for arts and shopping

     The Miami Museums

     13. Watch a match of the Miami Heat live


Excursions around Miami

During your stay in Miami, it is not the excursions that will be missed! Between the guided tours of the city and the many cruises in the nearby islands, you will most likely find your happiness! From one of Miami's marinas, you can explore the Everglades, Key West, or the Bahamas for a day.

A famous attraction here is to board a hovercraft to meet the alligators.


At the end of the Lowers Keys, Key West has made a name for itself in the archipelago. Among the best known and most famous (for quiet moments, so prefer the early morning), it invites above all the scenery, travel and the sweetness of life. Colonial style wooden houses, warm colors, small shops, bars, and typical restaurants welcome you between two sunsets, in this place, which in the end is not so far from the dreamed Cuba.


Activities & Events in Miami

As you probably guess, Miami is anything but a boring city! With its many activities, mainly related to water sports and hiking, this is the ideal city for sports.


But that's not all, and the city also has many museums to visit. These include the Lock & Load Museum and the Pérez Art Museum. Besides, it also has neighborhoods to visit for their architecture, restaurants, and monuments, such as the Art Deco District, South Beach, or Little Havana. You will not miss things to do during your stay, that's for sure.


Of course, a city as vibrant as Miami has many events all year round. In addition to an NBA game, you can watch an outdoor film under the stars, watch a Latin dance show or perform various concerts. Besides, there are also parties in the city all year round!


Enjoy rooftops and bars where you can enjoy a drink while watching the city, or a meal show at many Miami restaurants. During the day, find one of the city's many food trucks and sample Cuban Sandwiches, a culinary heritage from the Hispanic community.


Where to stay in Miami?

Miami is a city where resorts and private homes flock, making the choice extremely wide. A tip, if you can, stay in Miami Beach, the city's must-see area. You will find the majority of activities and visits to do in this city! You will also see the most beautiful beaches, the most beautiful and luxurious shops as well as many nightclubs and restaurants not to be finished in this district.


There are, of course, other neighborhoods that you might consider for your stay. If you want to stay in Miami or the surrounding cities, we give you all our tips and suggestions in the articles of this section!


When to go to Miami

Located in southeastern Florida, Miami is a coastal city with a tropical climate. It means that winters are mild and relatively dry, while summers are hot and humid.

Unlike other popular destinations in America, it is not recommended to travel to Miami from June to October. Of course, average temperatures are warm, often between 30 and 33 °C, but precipitation is significant. They even exceed 84% in September!

It is therefore rather advisable to go to Miami from December to April. Average temperatures range from 20 to 25 °C, with often sunny weather and little precipitation.


Plan your holiday to Miami now

Miami is one of the cities with the most activities and visits to do. Therefore, it would be difficult to explain everything in one article and give you the necessary information to find all these activities. Nevertheless, it is an excellent solution to get in touch with a quality travel agent to help you design your holiday and give you all the information you need.