Rio de Janeiro

Why should you visit Rio de Janeiro?


Megalopolis of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is also the second largest city in the country and has more than 13 million inhabitants if we take into account the entire agglomeration.

Very popular from a tourist point of view, the city is known worldwide for its carnival and for some sites like the beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema, the Sugar Loaf and its extraordinary panorama, or Christ the Redeemer whose statue dominates the Corcovado. It undergoes a typical tropical climate.


Served by three airports, including one international, it also has two subway lines, but the ferryboat is also a popular means of transportation.


Travel & Visit Rio de Janeiro

For you, Rio is perhaps only its carnival, the Copacabana beach, the Christ the Redeemer, or one of the host cities of the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. 

Even if we cannot detach these events and these places of the image that one makes of the city, they are part of the Carioca landscape. But Rio is not just about that. There are many things to see and do in this world-famous city.


To help you organize your stay in Rio de Janeiro, we have listed tours and places of interest in Rio de Janeiro.


What to see and do in Rio de Janeiro?

What are the monuments to see in Rio de Janeiro? Most of Rio de Janeiro's monuments are often listed among the must-sees, but some lesser-known places are to be discovered.

Whether a tourist or not, here are the best things to do and see in the most famous city in Brazil, these activities are unmissable!


1. Christ the Redeemer of Rio: It's one of the symbols of the city. This massive statue of Cristo Redentor is perched with arms outstretched on Corcovado Mountain at 710 meters above the Carioca city.


2. The beaches of Rio: Going to the beach is a must in Rio for sunbathing and swimming. You will not miss the beach of Copacabana, of course, although it is packed with people in summer (beginning of the year in Brazil) as soon as the mercury climbs beyond 20-25°C. You only have to cross the Arpoador neighborhood to get to the Ipanema page made famous by the song The Girl From Ipanema. Other exotic beaches in Rio include Leblon and Barra da Tijuca.


3. The Sugar Loaf or Pão de Açúcar: Rising over the Guanabara Bay, the Sugar Loaf is visible from many places in Rio. You can  get to the summit by cable car and then walk the rest of the way to the top l. From here, you can take a second cable car to the top of Pão, which will offer you a 360° view of Rio, the bay and the ocean.


4. The district of Lapa: It is the bustling downtown area of Rio. It is an excellent place to drink a caipirinha while listening to choro or samba. It is also a beautiful area to discover because there are several exciting places like the Fundição


6. Football: Rio is a city of “futebol” with no less than seven teams within the same city. Four major clubs are competing for the Carioca championship each year. If you are heading to Rio during the championship season, check out the Maracanã Stadium or attend a match in one of the city's stadiums.


7. The churrascarias and feijoada: In Brazil, you can not miss the local culinary specialties. Enjoy being in Rio to eat in a churrascaria, that is to say, a restaurant where you can eat great local meat (at will or not) cooked on the barbecue. Try the picanha, a popular piece of beef here. Also taste a feijoada, a dish made with black beans (feijão: beans in Portuguese), rice, and pork.


8. The Santa Teresa district: Step back in time and discover the vanished elegance of 19th-century plantation homes and cobbled streets. It was a haven for 20th-century artists, musicians, and writers, and while fashionable clubs and shops have since caught up with the neighborhood, it still retains a sympathetic colonial vibe. Close, the library Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, one of the most beautiful in the world, and the monastery of São Bento are worth a visit.


Activities & Events in Rio de Janeiro

To help you organize your stay in Rio de Janeiro, here are some ideas for major events as well as tips for visiting the city at best:

     Make the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

     Cruise in Guanabara Bay in Rio

     Check out a football match from one of Rio's top 4 teams

     Street art and a carioca tour

     A day cruise in the Angra dos Reis archipelago from Rio

     Hike on the peak of Tijuca, the highest peak of Rio

     Museums in Rio de Janeiro


If Rio de Janeiro is full of places of interest, an excursion in its surroundings will allow you to visit sites around the city. The opportunity to think outside the box or to do something you should not miss.


Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro?

You are wondering where to stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's largest metropolis? The second city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, does not finish to attract many travelers. Are you finally one of the lucky ones who can visit Rio de Janeiro? With 6.1 million inhabitants and 12.62 million inhabitants in the urban area, it is one of the most important cities of the American continent.


World-famous for its world-famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, its carnival, and the statue of Christ at the top of Corcovado, we must be careful to choose the right neighborhood: not too expensive and above all, secure. Because with 20% of the Cariocas living in the favelas and despite the 250 deaths per month in the favelas, some districts can become dangerous at night because of risks of violence and aggression.


Here is a list of the neighborhoods to sleep in Rio:

     Ipanema, the luxury Rio

     Lapa, the corner of Rio's party-goers

     Centro, the historic district of Rio

     Botafogo, the traditional neighborhood of Rio

     Santa Teresa, the art district


Plan your trip to Rio now

Do you want to see Rio de Janeiro from the angle of a local, to discover places still unknown to mass tourism?

To prepare well for your stay in Rio de Janeiro is also to anticipate your budget and your travels, you should contact the best travel agent to help you plan and organize your holiday to Rio de Janeiro. They will arrange detailed itineraries and plans to help you find your way around Rio de Janeiro, as well as some tips on budgeting and how to optimize your time and holidays!