Why should you visit Washington?


Washington DC (not to be confused with Washington State) is the capital of the United States. It is here that we find the internationally famous institutions like the White House and the Capitol. This city, which alone has 600,000 inhabitants, was explicitly created to welcome the government. Still, it does not make it an uninteresting town, on the contrary: the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of American History are great museums. You can also admire the statue of Abraham Lincoln, the Obelisk (Washington Monument), or the Arlington Cemetery. Washington has many parks and green spaces, and the city is charming to visit. It was designed by a French architect (Pierre L'Enfant), and skyscrapers are prohibited here.


Travel & Visit Washington

Discover the capital of the United States, Washington DC, located in the District of Columbia. As a federal capital, it is the seat of many American institutions (White House, Capitol, Senate ...) and military and judicial organizations (NCIS, the FBI, the Pentagon ...). This large city alone has 600,000 inhabitants and is distinguished from others by its unique urban profile.


Because it is unique, Washington DC is a city that has no skyscrapers (they are even banned) and also has a large concentration of historical monuments. While visiting the official buildings and memorials is full of excitement, the discovery of the city of Washington DC also promises other exceptional moments thanks to the impressive number of cultural sites it houses. Wondering what to do in Washington? It's this way!


The top things to do in Washington

To help you plan your stay in Washington, we have listed tours and places of interest in Washington. So, what are the best things to do and see in this iconic city, political heart, and capital of the United States?


    The Georgetown District: With its old houses and old industrial sites, Georgetown is a postcard of the past that will allow you to travel back in time.


    The Washington Capitol: A real architectural masterpiece of the late eighteenth century, the Capitol is one of the highest buildings in the city, and it is here that sits the Congress (the legislative power of the United States).


    The Supreme Court: It impresses by its size and the omnipresence of marble make it its beauty. Not far from the Capitol, the Supreme Court is the seat of judicial power in the United States.


    The White House: This highly symbolic place was built in 1800, in a Georgian style. Symbol of executive power and American politics, it is no longer present. In the west wing are the administrative offices, including the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room, and the Roosevelt Room, and in the east wing is the office of the "First Lady" and the White House Secretariat.


    The Washington Monument: Recognizable among all the monuments, it is a large obelisk of white marble measuring 168m in height, which evokes the memory of George Washington.


    The Constitution Gardens: A great place of relaxation of the inhabitants. It is the ideal place to relax after the long hours of walking to crisscross the city to discover its most beautiful monuments.


    The Lincoln Memorial: It looks like a Greek temple. Inside the memorial, you will find a statue of Abraham Lincoln more than 5m high. This is the monument on the US $ 5 bills.


    Washington Museums: They are set along with a vast green space that is called " The Mall," and most importantly, they are free! At the National Museum of the American Indian, you will discover all the wealth of the first peoples who inhabited the vast American territories.


If Washington is full of places of interest, an excursion in its surroundings will allow you to visit sites around the city. The opportunity to think outside the box or to do something you should not miss.


You can even make a day trip to Washington from New York if you prefer to be based in the Big Apple!


How to get to Washington?

From wherever you go, you will inevitably find a flight to Washington, as the city has 3 airports: Washington-Dulles (IAD) and Baltimore-Washington (BWI) are two international airports located outside the city (42 and 48 km respectively). Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), for domestic flights, is located near the Pentagon, just minutes from downtown (7km).

If you are traveling to New York and want to visit Washington for a few days, many trains and buses make the trip (count between 3 and 6 hours).


Where to stay in Washington?

If you choose to visit Washington, the city offers its visitors many accommodations of all styles, and the prices can vary from cheap to very expensive following congresses and conferences of the moment.

We strongly advise you to book as soon as possible to prevent the best accommodations from being taken. There will be something for every budget, from the hostel to the luxury 5-star hotel!


When to go to Miami

Located in the eastern United States, the city suffers a humid subtropical climate, with a very hot and stormy summer and a cold and snowy winter.

Such as for other popular destinations in America, it recommended to travel to Washington from May to September, as average temperatures are often between 25 and 30°C, but precipitation is significant. All year long in Washington.


Plan your trip to Washington now

In contact with the rich history of the American nation, discover an exceptional destination. Still wondering what to do in Washington?

To prepare and well-plan your stay in Washington, it is also good to anticipate its budget and its displacements. We highly recommend going through the best travel agent to plan and organize your trip to Washington. They will find for you detailed itineraries and plans to help you find your way to Washington, as well as some tips on budgeting and how to optimize your spending!

Do not forget to check all entry formalities and visas for the United States!