About Us

As a travel management agency with extensive experience, Fly State LLC is among the best in its class. We aim to help you plan and enact an effective and efficient travel program that manages every element of your trip.


On a leisure travel level, we are passionate about sharing the wonders of the world with corporate customers and providing high-touch services to fulfill their travel needs.


Fly State LLC ensures that all clients are treated as individuals with dignity and respect when they travel to the world on holiday, business, or tour for further education..



Fly State LLC recognizes its customers' need for a professional tour company, and we strive to provide a solution or service that meets their needs and the needs of their customers. 


Our goal is to create a difference in every aspect of our travel business by being progressive, independent and highly visible.


Our values

Every team member must be held accountable for clearly defined and promoted principles to succeed in our organization. These values serve as an indicator and a sounding board for all significant decisions, against which all possible conflicts or disputes can be examined and resolved.


Thus, as a result of consistent action and fair decisions it is possible that a cohesive, high-performance team will evolve. There is ample proof that a dedicated and aligned team atmosphere maximizes the probability of excellent customer service.




Why We Are Different


    The management team of our company is active on several travel advisory boards and committees for various travel organizations, including travel magazines, major hotel chains, and airlines. Our company is committed to engaging with the business community, and our opinions have been sought across a broad spectrum of our business.


    Fly State LLC is an elite member of the prestigious Travel Network, a worldwide distribution network that offers our clients unmatched benefits and added value when traveling. 


    Awarded consistently as one of the top agencies in the country, our company consistently ranks at the top.